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Here you can find all the hardware items available from


Proofing Baskets

Made in Germany

1.5kgs, 1kgs, 750g

Rattan or food grade plastic.
Ideal for sourdough

Rattan Proofing Baskets

Professional Quality Bannetons
Made in Germany

Mackies Pan Glazed Bread Tin

1kg, 900g, 680g, 450g, 340g

Lids available to fit
900g, 680g, 450g, 340g
See price list for measurements

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Range of tins

Proofing Baskets

Range of tins



All About Bread carry a wide range of professional quality baking tins
that are suitable for use in a domestic oven.
Enquiries can be made either at the retail store in Greenwood
by email to sales@allaboutbread.com.au or telephone 08 9343 4430

Kugelhupf Tins

Muffin Trays
All About Bread carry a range of muffin trays including mini muffins and Texas Muffin


Pizza Trays and Pizza making equipment.
Includes a range of Pizza Stones, Barbeque pizza
stones (for making pizza in a hooded barbeque,
Pizza and a variety of trays including deep dish pizza

Don’t forget our pizza cutters, rolling pins, non stick Teflon sheets,
Pizza Peels, Pizza Mixes and Durum Semolina

Flour scoops, non stick rolling pins

 Cooling Racks for cakes and bread

Storage of Baked Bread
The crust on a loaf provides its primary protection from
drying out and staling.
Storing the bread in a bread box or  bread crock provides
protection from the drying effectes of air conditioning
and household heating.
Storing in a plastic bag creates a humid environment and
draws the moisture from the middle of the bread through
the crust thus removing the loafs protection and creating
a humid environment for development of mould.

Information on the best ways of storing both bread and
flour can be found on this web site in the Know How
Section on Keeping Bread & Flour.
Quality bread storage units are available from our store.

These are ideal for storing baked bread.

Flour Storage in food grade All About Bread Flour Bins in either 7 kg capacity or in 15kg capacity.

flour Bin 15kgflour bins 15kg, 7kg, french garlic

Also see information on Pest Control on this site.
In addition to a preservative free Pasta Mix using Durum Wheat and 00 flours, All About Bread stock a range of quality Pasta Machines and accessories to suit the serious home pasta makers.


Bread Mixes
Wheat breads/rolls/buns

Gluten Free
Gluten free Flour
Gluten free oven baking
Gluten free pasta dishes

Amaizing Bread
Bread, Buns & Rolls
Pancakes, Piklets, Crepes
Pasta, Pastry, Batter

Lupin Flour
Dough Cutter

Dough Cutter




Bread Tin & Lid

Sandwich loaf Tin with slide on lid

Shop interior

Large Range of products at All About Bread at Greenwood

Pasta machine

Pasta Machine


French Stick Tin

French Stick Tin




Cob on Baking tray
quality baking trays