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Sandwich and Wholemeal Bread Mixes

Sandwich Breads
Crusty White A crisp golden crust, ideal for crusty loaves, French sticks or crusty rolls. Available in 2kg, 5kg, or 10kg
Supersoft White A medium crust soft sandwich style white bread with excellent taste. Available in 2kg, 5kg, or 10kg
Italian Country Oven The true deep crusted, full flavoured Italian Country Style Bread. Ideal for the bread machine and for oven baking. Available in 2kg, 5kg
Oat Bran A crisp crusted white bread, high in fibre and flavour. Oat Bran is known for its qualities in assisting in cholesterol control. Available in 2kg, 5kg, or 10kg
Southern Cross Sourdough The unmistakable tang of sourdough in a yeasted white bread make this one of the really popular choices. Available in 2kgs or 5kgs
Light Wholemeal A blend of Premium White and Wholemeal flours for a wholemeal loaf which is light in texture, high in volume and has classical crusting qualities. A wholemeal for the white bread eater. Available in 2kg, 5kg, or 10kg
Rustic Wholemeal A full flavoured dark wholemeal, High in dietary fibre and soft in texture. Available in 2kg or 5kg
Lupin Loaf in bread machineLupin Loaf "The Weight Manager" A low GI, Low carb, High fibre grained loaf of Lupin /wholemeal. Prevents that empty feeling when dieting. Available in 2kg and 5kgs
Grained Wholemeal Breads are listed under Grained Breads

Italian Pasta Dura Bread

Use All About Bread Italian Country Oven Breadmix

Use quantities from the label for the Large loaf. Always use the lesser amount of water when making a dough, regardless of bread machine type.

Follow Manufacturer’s instructions for placing ingredients into pan
Set Machine to Dough setting
When ready remove dough from pan, expel air, cover and allow to rest for ten minutes
Prepare tray–sprinkle with Durum Semolina
Shape dough into a large sausage shape
Place on prepared tin seam side down
Spray mist to prevent skin from forming.
Allow to double in size–about 45 minutes up to an hour.
Sprinkle with flour. Slash.

Bake at *220ºC 30-35 minutes
Turn off heat and allow to bake with oven door slightly ajar (place the handle of a wooden spoon to hold the door open) for a further 10-15 minutes until crust is hard to your liking. Slide onto cooling rack and allow to cool.

*Electric 220ºC
Electric Fan Forced 200ºC
Gas 210ºC
Gas Fan Forced 190ºC