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The Gentle Grain

The KHORASAN grain is one of the oldest known to man and has a great number of advantages over normal wheat for many people with wheat intolerance.

It is extremely gentle to the digestive system and many people who experience a variety of symptoms such as bloating, indigestion and rashes (often associated with wheat gluten) find that khorasan is the ideal alternative.

In addition Khorasan is great for those who suffer from fructose malabsorption.

Khorasan has a rich, buttery flavour and excellent texture, crust and crumb. It has a sweet taste with no hint of bitterness.
The grain is packed full of energy and the protein levels are up to 40% higher than that of normal wheat.
Although Khorasan is a delicious white bread, it has dietary fibre higher than a wholemeal wheat flour.

Khorasan is higher in 8 out of the 9 minerals found in wheat.
It is rich in B-Vitamins (needed for energy release) and in iron and folic acid, (essential in red blood cell formation) and high in dietary fibre.
Khorasan contains significantly more of the natural antioxidant selenium and is 30% higher in vitamin E. This grain also contains up to 65% more amino acids as well as greater quantities of lipids and fatty acids.

We have many customers who find their digestive system simply cannot tolerate wheat but find that Khorasan enables them make breads, cakes, scones and all those other items that they have been missing out on.
The maxim is.- if you can make it with wheat, you can make it with khorasan.
This includes pasta and pizza base and also sourdoughs.

Our experience with customer feed back is that khorasan is even gentler to the digestive system than spelt.

For the technically minded.

A substantial amount of research has been conducted regarding wheat sensitivity and Khorasan. Conclusions are that "For most wheat sensitive people, khorasan grain can be an excellent substitute for common wheat.

An excellent and informative description of Khorasan can be found in Wikepedia
www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khorasan_wheat as well as references to other ancient grains

We are not aware of research done with those suffering from a total gluten intolerance (such as those suffering from coeliac disease) so make no recommendations.
In these cases we believe it is best to obtain your own medical advice.

Should you have a total gluten intolerance such as coeliac disease, there are products listed on this site which are likely to suit your needs. These can be found in the gluten free product section.

ALL ABOUT BREAD has Khorasan available both as a bread mix and also as a flour. These are both normally available in both 2kg and 5kg sizes.

With the bread mix you simply add yeast and water in the quantities shown on the label to produce an outstanding loaf.

Khorasan is also available as a flour and can be utilized with a pro-biotic yeast for those who have a yeast intolerance and seek to avoid the use of standard yeasts.

For general baking purposes Khorasan provides a lighter and more tender baked product than wholemeal wheats.

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