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BREAKFAST BOUNTY The ideal starter to the Day. Just buttered or toasted. Full of Fruit, grain and a touch of spice. Last thing at night with a cup of tea or Milo. Low GI and High Fibre. Available in 2kg
SWEET BUN Delicious fruit loaves and sweet buns Ideal base for cinnamon and hot cross buns. Available in 2kg or 5kg
OLD ENGLISH MALT The richness of traditional English Malt, dark in color and light in texture. Exceptional taste with fruit added. Available in 2kg.
CRANBERRY & CINNAMON A sweet crusty Fruit Bread with Cranberries, Cinnamon & Sunflower Seeds. Excellent either as a loaf or rolls. Outstanding as toast. Great afternoon and evening snacks.
WHOLEMEAL FRUIT LOAF A delightful & nutritious wholemeal Fruit Bread with added spice and fruit.Sweet, Fruity and flavoursome as either fresh bread or buttered toast.
BUN ROYALE Ideal for lightly spiced Sweet Buns, Loaves & Raisin Breads

Traditional Hot Cross Buns. 2kg makes 4 dozen light and fluffy buns. Available in 2kg

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

COOTAMUNDRA A Bush Bread with memorable taste. Wattle Seeds and  Sunflower seeds give this bread excellent taste and texture. Available in 2kg
SOUTHERN CROSS SOURDOUGH A delightfully light sourdough bread in the European style. Available in 2kg and 5kgs
COUNTRY GRAIN A lightly & soft grained sandwich loaf with a crisp crust and wholesome country flavour. High in dietary fibre. Available in 2kgs, 5kgs and 10kgs.
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