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PIZZA & FOCACCIA Ideal crusty base for pizza or foccacia. Crusty finish and resistant to topping ingredient soak. Available in 2kg or 5kg
WHOLEMEAL PIZZA For a wholesome home made pizza, high in fibre.
Available in 2kg
PREMIUM PASTA A premium Pasta mix blended with Durum Semolina. Just follow the recipe in adding oil, eggs and water for home made pasta per excellence. Available in 2kg

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Pizza & Focaccia recipes can be found in the Recipe links on this page.

All the hints, step by step directions, pizza techniques, and everythging you need to know for home baked pizza can be found in the All About Bread Recipe Book.

Find out all about
freezing doughs,
baking on trays,
baking on stones
baking temperatures for Foccacia,
Calzone, Sweet Pizza and Sciacciata
all the tricks of the trade to use at home.

This will get you started.     

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From the packet determine how many pizzas you will be making and follow the quantities.
Set ingredients into machine on Dough programme.
When completed remove dough and expel air.
Cover and rest dough for at least 10 minutes.
If making two pizzas divide the dough into two portions.
Roll out each portion of dough to fit your pizza tray.
Sprinkle the tray with durum semolina or polenta cornmeal.
Place dough onto tray.
Spread with tomato paste.
Place your selected toppings onto the pizza base.
Sprinkle with Mozzarella cheese.
Bake at 220-230°C for 15-20 minutes or until cheese is bubbling.
Allow to stand five minutes before slicing.


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