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All About Bread is a manufacturer/ wholesaler and retailer of products for home baking and is not a medical organization.
Although All About Bread has made every endeavour to ensure that all information provided on the web site is correct and accurate at the time of publishing, all material is intended as a guide only and is not intended to be a dissemination of medical advice nor relied upon for medical purposes.
The advice of a medical practitioner should always be obtained.
Prices for goods and services which may appear on the web site are those prices effective as at the date they are posted. Such prices and availability of product is subject to change without notification. Email confirmation is necessary for both current prices and availability of product.
Such prices and products quoted on the All About Bread web site relate to the All About Bread store only and are likely to differ from that Agents and distributors.


The content contained in or accessed through this web site is the intellectual property of All About Bread and is for personal use only.
Permission to otherwise reprint or electronically recreate or reproduce any document in part, or in entirety, is expressly prohibited unless prior written consent is obtained from All About Bread.
Information on the web site, including graphics and design may be subject to copyright.
All other images, trade marks or logos displayed on our web site are the property of their respective owners and their presence on the web site should not be construed as implying agreement, permission or license to use them without the specific permission of the owner.


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to tell you what kind of information we may gather about you when you visit our site, how we may use that information, whether we disclose it to anyone, and the choices you have regarding our use of, and your ability to correct this information.

Our policy is to enable you to visit our web site and obtain information or communicate with us without the possibility of your details being provided to or sold onto third parties. The details you provide us with are held in our own data base. They are not shared with other organizations or divulged unless we are required to by law. Non identifying information is retained by All About Bread which provides us with such information as the number of visitors to the site, the pages and times visited, areas of interest and other such aspects.

The only information held about you is that information which you provide either by

The information that you provide may be utilized to provide information to you regarding products and services in which you have indicated you are interested. Should you not wish to receive further contact or information from us you are able to have your details removed by unsubscribing and having your details removed from the data base.

Should you elect to take part in an area of our web site that is a publicly accessible place, such as a chat room, blog or message board, this information may become available to anyone with access to the internet and may be collected and used by others, resulting in unsolicited messages from other parties. We recommend that you utilize the options provided to protect your identity by nominating a pen name or pseudonym. You must not intentionally use the name of another living person