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Gluten wheat and yeast free breads, cakes and desserts

Many people seeking information from our dietary section have been referred by dietitians or medicos with advice to avoid wheat or specific products such as dairy, yeast, gluten etc. Those diagnosed with Coeliac disease should examine those products marked ** which may suit their needs. Many others with a "wheat intolerance" will find that a range of All About Bread products using spelt (or dinkel) will suit their needs.

Products marked ** have detectable gluten levels below 0.003g per 100g. (0.003/100g). Until recently it was not possible to detect below this level. This level is regarded by most medical experts to be sufficiently miniscule as to be suitable for most persons requiring a gluten free diet.

The Coeliac Society of Australia state (5/12/03) "Food manufactured to the level of <0.003% per 100g gluten have proved over four to five years to be safe for the vast majority of those diagnosed with coeliac disease. We consider this still to be the situation"

Gluten Free Bread Mixes
Sandwich Bread Gluten Free Whereas many gluten free breads are quite cake like or bland in taste, this bread mix produces a pleasant tasting, gluten free bread with excellent volume and texture plus a good crust. ; Use with yeast. Also ideal for bread rolls and pizza base. Available in 1.5kg and 5kg packs for 3 or 10 large loaves.
Amaizing Bread Gluten Free Suits most people with an intolerance of Gluten, Dairy and Yeast. Available in 1.5 kg and 5 kg packs.
Rolls and Pizza Mix Gluten Free Suitable for hand shaping. Light fluffy rolls and crusty pizza base. Ideal for Hot Cross Buns. Recipe available. Available in 1.5kgs
Gluten Free Flours and Products
Buckwheat Flour Ideal for gluten free buckwheat pancakes and other recipes. Australian grown and milled
Buckwheat Kernals Australian grown, certified gluten free
Rice Flour (White) Gluten Free flour with many uses in dietary recipes
Lupin Flour Gluten Free Flour with many uses in dietary recipes
Gluten Free Plain Flour Australian grown white rice flour, potato flour, Maize flour, Corn Starch. No eggs, no dairy, no colours/enhancers/artificial flavours. Gluten Free Flour Recipes
Gluten Free Sponge You won't believe this product is gluten free.
Gluten Free Banana Cake Outstanding flavour and texture. Easy to make.
Gluten Free Muffin Mix I didn't believe gluten free could be this light and fluffy, so delicious and easy.
Pumpkin Flour Pure gluten free pumpkin flour. Add to gluten free products for outstanding natural flavour.
Gluten Free Baking Powder Gluten free baking powder. Packs of 150 grams
Gluten Free sandwich bread
Gluten free Monkey Bread
Gluten free Bread
Gluten free fruit cake