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Grains, Seeds, Herbs and Flavourings

The addition of seeds, herbs, grains or other products to a loaf can turn an ordinary bread into a goumet delight. Alternatively you may want to use some of our "add ins" to change the fibre levels or simply to for variation.

One bread mix of flour can produce dozens of different loaves simply by the addition of a few extra ingredients.

The general rule is to continue to use the same anount of flour or bread mix as appears on the label.

Soft ingredients such as mixed fruit should be added towards the end of the machines kneading cycle.

Most machines have a "sweet" or "raisin" program and this ensures the machine "beeps" 5 minutes before the end of the kneading cycle. This is the time to add fruit or other soft ingredients that you didn't want pulverised by the kneading action.

Other ingredients such as seeds and grains can be added at the start of the cycle and do not require the use of the "sweet" or "raisin" program. Additions that absorb water will require you to add a little more water than the same loaf without the added product. Should you add ingredients that are moist, you will likely need to reduce the recommended amount of water to ensure the dough does not become too sticky.

The labels on our grains, flakes, seed and concentrates will give you an indication of any adjustment that is necessary. The golden rule is - If all else fails, feel free to read the instructions. After all, we did put them on the label to help you. The labels will generally indicate the amount that would be a good starting quantity to use (Next loaf go a little higher or lower according to your own taste) and also if it advisable to alter your water quantity.

There is almost no limit to the breads and gourmet delights you can refine and discover.
Remember that delicate flavours are best used in white breads as wholemeals will be likely to overpower the them. Grains, granary flakes, seeds and grains of course do not fall into that category.

You can always ask for advice from our staff on the best way to use any of our products.

Yeast and Improvers
Yeast Sachets Gluten free, high activity yeast sachets. 20 sachets of 6 grams each
Yeast Tubs resealable tubs with 150 grams
Yeast Vaccuum Fermipan 500 gram vaccuum sealed high active yeast
Natural Bread Improver Available in 120 gram and 300 gram packs. Provides improved baking tolerances, greater dough extensibility and rising with a softer crumb structure. For use with bread flour. Ingredients are Vitamin C and Cereal enzyme
Wonderfresh Provides a softer crumb and keeps bread fresh by retaining the moisture within loaf. Does not contain preservative 282.
Diastatic Malt Flour Improves loaf volume (particularly with sourdoughs), softer crumb, sustained fermentation and better crust colour
Anti Candida Yeast Allergy tested and suitable for those woth a yeast intolerance including candida sufferers, chronic fatigue and others. Can be used in bread machines
Crushed Wheat Ideal to add to either white or wholemeal for a full bodied texture and great flavour
Seven Grain Mix All About Bread's own blend of grain and seed including crushed wheat, linseed, granary flakes,Sunflower Kernals, kibbled mung beans and barley. Can be added to white or wholemeal bread flours or mixes to provide tasty multi-grained bread or alternately a soft grain bread.
Kibbled Soy Mix with Linseed, adds texture, fibre, phytoestrogens.
Seeds A variety of seeds and nuts can be added to your bread-mixes. The addition of seed can be made at the start of the bread-making cycle and does not need to be added late in the kneading process.
Seed Blend A combination of Sunflower, Sesame, Linseeds Pumpkin, Soy and Poppy for excellent taste and dietary fibre. Add between 1/4 to 1/2 cup per 500 grams of flour or bread mix
Poppy Seed Sprinkle on top during rising or add to bread mix
Seseme Seed Sprinkle on top during rising or add to bread mix
Sunflower Seed Sprinkle on top during rising or add to bread mix
Linseed Sprinkle on top during rising or add to bread mix
Nigella Ideal for Turkish or Mediterranean style breads
Pepitas Sprinkle on top during rising or add to bread mix
Purple Wheat Grain Purple wheat grain provides great flavour, texture and fibre to breads and rolls. High in anti-oxidants & anti-inflamatories
Flavourings and Additives
Mixed Spice Ideal for use with Sweet Bun Mix
Cinnamon Ideal for use with Sweet Bun Mix
Sun Dried Tomato and Herb Add to bread mix or use on foccacia topping
Herb and Garlic Add to bread mix as per label quantities.
Dark Malt Powder Non diastatic barley malt for colour and flavour
Amaizing Fibre Gluten Free. Lifts fibre levels without affecting taste or texture. Helps keep a healthy bowel. Insoluble dietary fibre
Wonderfresh Add 1.5 teaspoons as per instrctions. provides a soft crumb to bread and keeps breads fresh for extra three days
Bakers Mix Fruit Export quality plump fruit. Sultanas, currants. With or without peel.
Diced Apricots Export quality and really mouth watering flavour
Bun Spice Just 6 drops to Buns or Hot Cross Buns lifts the flavour to "exceptional". A gourmet bakers secret exposed.
Bakers Icing The real thing either as glaze or as sweet icing. Instructions for use.
Bun Glaze Non sticky glaze for buns.
seeds grains and oats

Adding wet ingredients

Mashed pumpkin, oil, sundried tomato in oil and banana all require the amount of water to be reduced.

The amount of water/liquid which is used is critical to a good loaf. Water measurements should be measured accurately.

Olive or other oil can be added to the bread if desired. Use 1 tablespoon oil and reduce the amount of water by that amount.

Eggs can be added to the dough, particularly for sweet breads. Reduce the water by the amount of egg added. Eg 50g egg, reduce water by 50ml

The addition of any wet ingredients should be made at the time of measuring. Make any adjustments necessary.

Observe the dough after 10 minutes to check that the consistency of dough is correct. If the dough is too sticky and glossy, add more flour. If the dough is dry and crumbly, add more water 10ml at a time until the correct dough consistency is reached.