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Cakes Muffins and Other Goodies

The Easy Bake Range has been designed by All About Bread to provide an easy an simple way to turn out delicious baked goods successfully every time.

We have removed as many steps as possible by pre blending for a complete mix. The fewer steps, the fewer ingredients to add, the less there is to go wrong.
For example, to make Easy Muffins, you simply add water and whatever fruit or flavouring you want. 
No eggs to add, no complex steps and recipe to wade your way through. For Easy Chocolate Mousse you simply add chilled water, mix and refrigerate.

What could be easier?

An ideal opportunity for the children to get involved in the kitchen. (We would call it "Fool Proof" but we know that you can't stop talented amateurs)
Everything you need to know is on the label.
You will understand why we called the products the Easy Bake Range.

Friends will think you have gone to no end of trouble to make delicious baked goods. Better than those you buy at three times the price. And freshly baked.

Now in addition to our Easy Bake Range we also have our NO BAKE range.

These are products you simply add butter and water to and then into the fridge.
Could not be simpler. Not big lists of ingredients to buy and store.
Easy three step procedure and you produce gourmet quality in minutes.

Easy to Make. Good to Eat.

Easy Bake RangeSimple to make. Just add water.
Easy Muffin MixEasy to make and delicious. Just add water and the fruit of your choice.
American Brownie MixA rich chewy Brownie, Simple to make 500g makes a tray 20cm x 38cm
Mud CakeAnother use for American Brownie Mix
Easy SconeDifficulty making really great scones? Not any more. A versatile mix for plain, cheese, pumpkin or sweet scones
Banana CakeThe family favourite Cake. Endless variations with incredible ease. Just follow the label.
Vegan CakeEasy, moist and delicious. Makes 2 450 gram Vegan Cakes
Easy SpongeThe no fail sponge that works beautifully every time. 500 grams makes two large light as air sponge
Eggless CakeEasy to make. Moist, sweet, delicious fluffy eggless vanilla sponge
Easy Chocolate SpongeNo fail chocolate sponge. Soft textured, delicious
Easy Museli SliceJust follow the label
Easy TiramisuTraditional Italian Dessert. As found in restaurants and cafe
Tempura BatterIdeal for fish, chicken batter with that subtle flavour to add to the meal
Buttermilk PancakeOutstanding Pancakes. Just add water to the mix
Hedgehog SliceChocolate slice
Fantastic Fruit CakeSimple to make, extravagant in flavour yet inexpensive Moist Fruit Cake. Easy step instructions. 1kg of export quality fruit included.
No-bake Range     These products simply require water, butter and refigeration
Easy Chocolate or Strawberry or White MousseRich and delicious. Just add water (Gluten Free)

Chocolate Truffles / Rum Balls

These chocolate balls can be made with or without fruit or rum to suit yourself

  • One Packet of All About Bread Easy Hedgehog Mix
  • A40ml water
  • approx 200ml Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • ½ cup mixed fruit, or diced apricots, or raisins

Soak the fruit in the liquor for at least half an hour – up to a day

Put all of the Hedgehog mix in a food processor, liquidiser or blender and process until all of the biscuits are crumbed.

Combine the Hedgehog mix with the water and fruits and add enough sweetened condensed milk to bind together.

Wet hands and roll small portions into round balls, roll in coconut or cocoa powder or chocolate sprinkles. Refrigerate. Can be stored in refrigerator for several weeks in airtight container