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Bread Flours

The right tool for the right job. All flours are not the same. Some are "all Purpose", others are the ideal flour for a particular purpose thus making an outstanding result with little effort.

Premium white bread flourHigh protein unbleached White Bakers Flour produces breads with exceptional flavour, Golden Crust andexcellent volume. Available in 2kg, 5kg, or 10kg
French flour t65A traditional French Flour milled by historic Paris mill. Produces open textured baguettes and rolls. Exceptional flavour, creamy colour and crisp crusting. Use for either oven baking or in a bread machine if desired.
French flour t45A very strong French Flour suitable for recipes with eggs, butter and sugar. Ideal for croissants, brioche, puff pastry, cakes and other pastry flour applications
Premium ryeWholesome Rye flour for outstanding performance and flavour. Available in 2kg or 5kg
Wholemeal bakers flourHigh protein wholemeal Flour producing loaves and rolls with great volume and taste. Available in 2kg, 5kg, or 10kg
Coarse wholemeal flourCoarse High protein wholemeal Flour. High in dietary fibre and bran. Ideal for Irish Wheaten breads. 2kgs
"00" flourDouble Zero Flour. Suitable for Pasta and Pizza 2kgs
Plain and pastry flourAll purpose Flour. Ideal for cakes, scones and pastries when you want the best. 2kgs, 5kgs
Organic white bakers flourUnbleached, certified organic, high protein Bakers Flour. Produces loaves with exceptional volume, texture and taste.
Available in 2kg, 5kg, or 10kg
Organic wholemeal flourCertified Organic Wholemeal Bakers Flour. High protein, excellent taste, texture, crust and volume. Available in 2kg or 5kg
Rye mealCourse Rye flour. Available in 2kg
Durum semolinaFinest quality Durum wheat. Ideal for pasta and Italian breads. Available in 2kg or 5kg
Gluten flourVital Wheat Gluten. Available in 1kg
Buckwheat flourGluten free flour ideal for pancakes etc. Available in 1kg
Spelt flour wholemealSofter digestion friendly gluten. Excellent for bread making and general purpose baking Available 2kg, 5kg
Spelt flour whiteSofter digestion friendly gluten. Excellent for bread making and general purpose baking Available 2kg, 5kg, 10kg
Spelt self raisingIdeal for cakes and scones etc. 2kg
Khorasan flour (organic)Rich buttery texture. Extemely digestion friendly gluten. Great alternative for those with wheat gluten intolerance (not coeliac disease) Available 2kg, 5kg
Sponge flourExceptional sponge flour. Extremely fine 2kg
Barley flourPure Barley flour 2kg
Oat flourOat Flour 2kg
Lupin flourLupin flour 500g packs. Gluten free, high protein and fibre, low in carbs.

Dough improversDescription
Natural improverA natural soy free and chemical free dough improver for more extensible doughs and better keeping qualities. Contains Vitamin C and Cereal Enzyme.
Diastatic malt flourIdeal for sourdoughs for improved volume, fermentation, softer crumb and crust colour.