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Dinkelbrot (Spelt) the wheat alternative

What is Dinkel or Spelt ?

Dinkel (or Spelt) is an ancient grain that should not be confused with normal wheat or oats. It is of the same family but has entirely different properties. The grain is known in Germany as "Dinkel", in Italy as "Farro" and in many other parts of the world as "Spelt" or Asturia. The grain comes from inside the hull, like oats but unlike wheat. The botanical name is "Triticum Spelta". Whereas normal wheat has 42 chromosomes, Dinkel (spelt) has only 28.

The gluten in this grain is "softer" and more gentle to the digestive system and many people who experience such symptoms as "bloating" and skin rashes, find that this provides an excellent alternative to normal wheats. Many people who follow a "blood group diet" will find that this flour is listed as one of the "neutrals" in their diet book.

Dinkel (or Spelt)

  • is organically grown as well as conventionally grown, and with slightly better protein quality than wheat with essential amino acids-lysine, threonine and methonine.
  • has less glutamic acid/glutamine than normal wheat. Glutamic acid/glutamine are thought to be related to intolerance to MSG in foods (Monosodium Glutamate)
  • has an excellent taste, a mild slightly nutty flavour derived from the phenolic compounds not found in normal wheat. These componds act as natural anti-oxidants in the body.
  • has less of the proteins (omega gliadins) compared to normal wheat, but these levels are still sufficiently significant to pose a problem for those with confirmed coeliac disease.
  • starch can be expected to metabolise more slowly than normal wheat because of the different levels of proteins on the individual starch granules. This can be an advantage for diabetics and those with fluctuating sugar levels. This means that Spelt has a lower G.I rating than wheat.

There is data to support the claim that Dinkel (Spelt) is significantly higher in sulphur, potassium, niacin (B3), pyridoxide (B6) and beta-catotene.

If you have signs of wheat intolerance and are not diagnosed with Coeliac disease, then Dinkel/Spelt may be an excellent choice resulting in little limitation on your eating habits. Self diagnoses can be unreliable and it is recommended that some medical advice be sought before embarking upon diet changes.

Flour or breadmix?

All About Bread provide the grain in several forms. In flour form it is called "Spelt Flour White" or"Spelt Flour Wholemeal".

In this form it can be used in cake or other recipes as a substitute for wheat flour. If you are making bread using spelt flour, there are other ingredients that need to be added as per a bread recipe.

We also provide it in "bread mix form" which simply requires the addition of yeast and water in the quantities indicated on the label of the bag. When we blend it as breadmix the product is called "Dinkelbrot White" or "Dinkelbrot Wholemeal" as the case may be. We also blend it to produce other breadmixes such as "Dinkel Rye" or "Light Spelt Meal" Simply follow the label for quantities.

Where we blend Dinkelbrot as a bread mix we do not blend dairy or chemical improvers but keep the product as natural as possible.

Dinkelbrot loaves have excellent volume, crust and crumb and the bread mix is suitable for either hand/oven baking or using in a bread machine.

Dinkelbrot is a bread-mix that is suitable for many people who have a wheat intolerance. A great number of Naturopaths and Dieticians recommend spelt, however it is sensible to obtain your own medical advice for your particular condition

Although the properties of Dinkelbrot/Spelt are quite dissimilar to wheat, it is not gluten free and is therefore not recommended for those suffering from coeliac disease.

If you are totally Gluten intolerant (rather than wheat intolerant) it is suggested you use ALL ABOUT BREAD Gluten Free Bread Mixes rather than Dinkelbrot)

We have blends available that are wheat free, gluten free, yeast free and dairy free or combinations of these.

Details of these products are on this web site and can be accessed through the Wheat Free, Gluten Free Products page.

Should you have queries regarding our dietary products, you are welcome to email us on and we will be happy to assist you where possible.

Spelt (Dinkel) Hot Cross Buns

  • 2 tsp AAB instant dry yeast
  • 500g AAB Dinkel WhiteBreadmix
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 2-3 tsp AAB mixed spice
  • 6 drops liquid bun spice (optional)
  • 255 ml water
  • 1 cup AAB bakers’ fruit mix