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It has been our experience that the vast majority of gluten free bread-mixes available through the supermarkets are less than ideal for use by a home bread baker or for use in a bread-machine. In addition there is a lack of accurate directions and little assistance provided to the consumer.

The following tips are provided to assist you in gluten free baking both in a bread machine and also in the oven.
Be aware that the proportioning needed for oven baking can vary from those needed for a bread machine.

Just as real estate agents will tell you that the three most important things to consider when buying a property are "location, location and location", the most important thing in gluten free baking are texture, texture and texture.

The texture of your dough is critical to the texture and volume of your loaf or product. The texture of your dough is determined by how much water you gave to a measured amount of flour. This is far more critical in gluten free baking than it ever was in the wheat loaves you may have baked.

Half a tablespoon of water can make the difference between an outstanding and delicious loaf and a disappointment.

At ALL ABOUT BREAD we test each blend in a variety of machines to establish the quantities required for the optimum loaf. Although the water absorption may vary very slightly with the weather, your adherence to the directions is critical for the production of a good loaf.


Be aware that the quantity of water used may vary with the quality of water used. Hence the tests that we conduct using Perth Metropolitan Water supply may require a greater or lesser quantity to achieve the same dough texture when using rain water, bore water or scheme water elsewhere in Australia Gluten Free mixes are more sensitive to water proportioning than wheat flour doughs. Your proportioning of water is critical.


The mixing process (in a bread machine) also differs considerably from that used for wheat flours. The mixing and kneading process of the bread-machines is essentially designed for wheat flours.

Gluten Free products are far more likely to have the kneading blade push some of the mixture high up the pan where it remains, largely unmixed, until the dough rises.
It is important to keep an eye on the dough during the mixing cycle to ensure the mixture reaches a smooth texture throughout.

As the "kneading" action by the machine is really performing a mixing function with gluten free (rather than kneading to develop gluten) the "rapid" program of most machines is quite suitable for these breads.

The texture of the mixture is the best indication of the consistency of your loaf.


The labels of our Gluten Free products will tell you not only the quantities that are recommended, but also provide you with information on the consistency required to produce the best loaf.

For gluten free mixes the consistency should be batter-like.
Add or cut back on water accordingly.
Ideally this should be thinner than a cake mixture, but thicker than a pan-cake batter.

To have it the consistency of "wet tooth-paste" is a reasonable description.


If the dough, or batter, is too stiff, the loaf will struggle to rise to full volume and be more "cake like" in appearance and texture.
If the mix is too wet and sticky it will rise too far and the texture will be coarse and have holes that are larger than they should be.

Regular users of these mixes recognize the ideal texture and are able to add in other ingredients, knowing that you simply adjust the water level to always bring the dough back to the ideal consistency for the perfect result.

The proportioning of water with gluten free bread-mix is even more critical when using a machine than when finishing the loaf in your oven.

Note that the water/breadmix proportions for baking in a bread machine and an oven are not the same


When dealing with product that are yeast free as well as gluten free it is important to select the right bread-machine program.

Yeast Free products should be used on the "Yeast Free" cycle if your machine has one or alternately on the "cake" cycle.

Amaizing Bread needs this cycles as it is gluten free, dairy free and yeast free.
Should your machine not have those particular cycles it may still be possible, (depending upon which machine) to manually intervene.

When using All About Bread "Gluten Free Sandwich Bread (which requires yeast) take particular note of the label directions in as far as the bread-machine cycle to be used, the temperature of the water and the order in which the ingredients should be loaded regardless of bread machine manufacturers directions.

GLUTEN FREE SANDWICH BREAD has a small amount of Egg White and produces a light fluffy loaf which many people suffering coeliac disease find as a delightful change to the many "cake-like" products that masquerade as gluten free breads.

The batter texture is the determinant of the texture of the bread.

Too much water will make the loaf too light and airy with the possibility of oversize holes in the texture.

Too little water will make the batter too stiff and restrict the rising action of the yeast.
This will result in a stunted loaf splitting at the top.


Many Gluten Free diets and products are deficient in the dietary fibre levels.

ALL ABOUT BREAD have a great product called AMAIZING FIBRE

This product is gluten-free, lifting the fibre levels quite markedly and ensures that you are able to attain dietary fibre levels that are sufficiently high to assist in the prevention of bowel cancer.

It is tasteless and doesn't change the texture of the bread. You can also use it with other products such gluten free breakfast cereals, drinks and baked goods, and it will provide the fibre that is missing from many gluten-free diets.

If you require assistance or advice regarding any of our products you are welcome to ring  ALL ABOUT BREAD  for assistance or alternately email to help@allaboutbread.com.au


Baking Gluten Free breads in the oven gives a more reliable end product without wastage from the bread paddle. It takes very little time to make two loaves. 5 minutes mixing, 45 minutes rising, 30 minutes baking. Quickly mix whilst preparing dinner, Proof during dinner and bake after dinner.

The texture of gluten free bread depends upon the proportioning of water in the mix. Large holes in the bread means you have too much water. A dense "cake-like" texture means the bread has too little water.

It is important to note that the proportioning of water/bread mix when baking in an oven can differ from that used when baking in a bread machine.

Both Amaizing Bread mix and Gluten Free Sandwich Bread should resemble toothpaste in consistency.



Gluten Free Sandwich Bread (Bread Machine)

Simply follow the instructions and quantities on the label.
Select Rapid program and allow to proceed.
(The rapid program on most machines is approximately 2 hours)


All About Bread Gluten Free Sandwich Bread is a bread mix with excellent rising characteristics for a well textured and pleasant tasting loaf. Unlike most other gluten free bread mixes, this one has no difficulty in rising above the loaf pan in a machine towards the lid to provide a full volume gluten free loaf.

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread contains Maize Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Soy Protein, Egg White, Rice Bran, Guar Gum, Stabiliser, Emulsifier, Enzyme

Small Loaf

285 ml warm water
17ml oil (approx. 1 Tble)
350g GF Sandwich Breadmix
3/4 teaspoons instant yeast

Large Loaf

420 ml warm water
25ml oil
500g GF Sandwich Breadmix
1-1/2 teaspoons instant yeast

Beat in electric mixer for one minute on low speed.  
Scrape down.
Continue to beat on medium speed for 3 minutes.
Spoon mixture into greased 680g black bread tin
Place in a warm spot until risen ¾ up the tin  
     *note: GF Sandwich Bread allow to rise to the top of the tin (approx one hour) 
Bake at 210ºC for 30 minutes

Gluten Free Pizza:

Spread the mixture onto two pizza trays and parbake at 220deg for approximately eight (8) minutes. 
Remove from oven and cool slightly. 
Spread with tomato paste and selected toppings. 
Return to the oven and bake until the cheese is bubbling  approx ten (10) minutes. 




This breadmix can be used in many ways – bread (either in bread-machine or hand mixing and oven baked), pikelets, pancakes, and used in lasagne dishes, cannelloni, as a batter for coating fish or chicken, pizza base and cakes and muffins.

For best results, oven baking is recommended, however a good loaf can be attained using a bread-machine. Simply use your “Yeast Free” or “Cake” programme

The Panasonic models 206 and 250 machines require the use of several programmes to use this mix.
Other Panasonic models use the gluten free setting if available

Choose the “Pizza” programme and allow to mix for 12 minutes. Switch off the machine and programme to “Bake” at which point the clock shows 30 minutes.

With the timer button, increase the time to one hour and then press start. The length of baking time can be shortened simply by pressing the Stop button. Remove the pan, allow the bread to cool slightly before attempting to shake it out of the pan.


All About Bread Amaizing Bread is gluten free, lactose free and yeast free. It is an extremely versatile mix and an excellent base for pancakes, muffins, pizza base, fruit cake. (recipes on this site)

Amaizing Bread contains Maize, Dextrose, Baking Powder, Soya Flour,Thickener (Maize based), Salt, Vegetable Gums.

420ml warm water
500g Amaizing Bread Mix

Beat in electric mixer for one minute on low speed.
Scrape down.
Continue to beat on medium speed for 3 minutes
Pour mixture into greased black bread tin.
Place in a warm spot until risen 3/4 up the tin.
Bake at 210c for 30 minutes


For most breadmachines use

350ml water
500g All About Bread Amaizing Bread Mix.

Follow the instructions printed on the label.
Pour measured water into the pan
Place pan into your machine leaving the lid open until you have
finished adding ingredients.
Select the Yeast free  (Cake)
Programme and press start.
While the paddle is mixing the water, simply spoon your
measured amount of breadmix into the water.

Allow the paddle to mix the ingredients to a smooth batter.
It may be necessary to use a plastic scraper to ensure all
dry ingredients are mixed in.

It may take several loaves to adjust the amount of water
to suit your particular machine, and the finished texture
of the loaf you prefer. Adding or deducting a little water will achieve this.
For best results the mix should be batter-like in consistency


Seeds, grains and herbs can be added during the mixing time

Sundried Tomato & Onion concentrate - 2-3 teaspoons
Herb & Garlic mix – 2 teaspoons
Cheese & Herb concentrate – 2-4 teaspoons according to taste
BBQ spice (a chilli base spice) – 1-2 teaspoons
Capscicum & Onion mix – 2 teaspoons
Cape seed mix and many other additives can be successfully used.


375g Amaizing Breadmix :
375ml water.

Using an electric mixer pour water into mixer and gradually
add measured breadmix.
Mix on medium for 3-4 minutes.
Mixture should be smooth and batter-like.
Pour mixture into a greased 680g black bread tin.
Sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds.
Place in a warm place and allow to rise for 30 minutes.
Bake at 200ºC electric for 30 minutes.
180ºC Electric Fan forced.  190ºC Gas, 170º Gas Fan forced.


To make one small fruit loaf use small Farmhouse loaf pan.

Mix 350g  Amaizing bread mix
270 ml warm water
1 tablespoon sugar (to taste)
½-1 cup Bakers fruit or fruit medley
½-1 tsp Cinnamon or Mixed spice (optional)

Mix dry ingredients together in electric mixing bowl
Gradually add warm water to batter-like consistency.
Mix on medium  for 3-4 minutes. 
Pour mixture into loaf pan.
Allow to rise for 30 minutes
Bake at 200ºC Electric for 30 minutes.


Follow quantities shown on label of Amaizing Bread Mix
Use either muffin tins, pie tins or crumpet rings.
Oil pans prior to use.
Pour or spoon mixture into tins.
Allow mixture to rise prior to baking.
Bake at above temperatures for 20-25 minutes.


Use a French Stick tin (available from All About Bread, Greenwood).
Oil each channel.
Pour half the Amaizing Bread Mix batter into one channel,
and the remainder into the second channel  not allowing the
batter to come right to the ends.
If necessary place foil around the ends.
Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
Allow to rise for 30 minutes
Bake at same temperature and times for Bread Rolls


Use a Cob (Boston bun)  8” black round tin.  (mixture makes 2)


Make up 350g Amaizing breadmix into a batter with
250ml water and 1 tablespoon oil using electric mixer
Mix for 3-4 minutes.
Oil the cob tin.
Pour half the mixture into the tin.
Allow to rise for 30 minutes in warm place.
Bake in a pre-heated oven for 10 minutes.
Remove from oven.
Spread with tomato paste and preferred pizza toppings.
Bake for a further 20 minutes.
The remaining batter can be used for rolls, or a second pizza.


This is a basic muffin recipe using the All About Bread Amaizing Bread Mix.
Amaizing Bread Mix is gluten free, yeast free and lactose free

You can tailor the recipe to suit yourself.
If using bananas or pumpkin you will probably not need any extra
liquid so delete the milk.
When using coconut, soak the coconut in the liquid for 10 minutes.

Orange and coconut muffins are delicious – add grated orange
rind and use orange juice.

Chocolate muffins: add 1 tablespoon cocoa and an extra 20ml liquid.
Add ½ cup choc bits after mixing.

For savoury  muffins delete the sugar, vanilla and coconut.

350g Amaizing Bread Mix
2 eggs  
¼ cup sugar 
½ tsp vanilla
1 tbls coconut (optional)
1 cup milk to desired consistency (use allowable liquids:
soy milk, nut milk, orange juice)
Mix all ingredients together until just combined.
Drop into greased muffin pan
Bake at 200° for 15-20 minutes.
Allow to stand five minutes before turning out onto wire cooling rack.


The Amaizing thing about this breadmix is its use for many other baked goodies.

The basic recipe can be adapted to make pikelets, pancakes and crepes.
The pancakes can be used as substitute lasagne sheets and cannelloni tubes.

If eggs are excluded from your diet, egg substitute can be used.


150g ALL ABOUT BREAD Amaizing bread mix
1 egg
200ml milk or milk substitute.
Small amount of sugar to taste (optional)
Using Electric mixer or mixing wand blend all ingredients
until smooth.
Adjust consistency if a little too wet or dry.
Heat frying pan or electric fry pan
Grease pan with a little butter or margarine.
Drop spoonfuls into pan.
Allow to cook until bubbles appear on surface and is golden
brown and then flip and repeat on other side.


(Note: Same ingredients as for pikelets but a little more
liquid is added to achieve a thinner batter.)

150g ALL ABOUT BREAD Amaizing bread mix
1 egg
225  ml milk or milk substitute.
Small amount of sugar to taste (optional)

Heat and grease pan.
Pour ½ cup batter into pan
Allow to cook on first side.
Flip and cook on other side.
Pancakes can be used for sweet or savoury fillings or spreads.


Crepes are pancakes made very thin crepe like texture.

(Note: Same ingredients as for pancakes but a little more
liquid is added to achieve a thinner batter.)
150g Amaizing bread mix
1 egg
250  ml milk or milk substitute.
Small amount of sugar to taste (optional)

Heat and grease pan.
Pour ½ cup batter into pan
Allow to cook on first side.
Flip and cook on other side.
Pour mixture into greased pan and swirl pan to spread batter out very thin


The amount of ALL ABOUT BREAD Amaizing breadmix will vary for the
quantity of food to be coated.

Start with an amount to 200-350g mix with sufficient warm water to
make the batter coating.
Mix for 3-4 minutes.
Allow mixture to stand for 10 minutes.
You will soon get to know how much you need to make  for several
fish fillets or chicken breast.
Heat oil in frypan and cook until meat is cooked through and batter golden brown.


Using ALL ABOUT BREAD Amaizing Bread mix

Choose a round casserole dish.
This Lasagne can be made in individual lasagne dishes and frozen for that
one person in the family who requires special meals.
Make up a quantity of pancakes in a size to fit the round casserole.
Previously made frozen pancakes are ideal.
Make lasagne sauce – either meat sauce or spinach and ricotta or
vegetable sauce (your usual sauce (gluten free or course)

Assemble the lasagne with a layer of sauce, then a pancake,
repeat with layers of sauce and pancakes.
Cover with a cheese or white sauce and bake in moderate oven
for 25-30 minutes until cooked.
Allow to stand 5 minutes before serving.
Can be frozen.


Using ALL ABOUT BREAD Amaizing Breadmix make a
quantity of pancakes smaller than usual.
These discs will form the tubes.
Spread out the cooked pancakes and spread a little of
your gluten free filling along one side.
Roll up into a tube and place in greased square dish.
Repeat with filling and rolling,  placing each tube side by side in dish.
Cover with favourite sauce and bake in moderate oven for 20-25 minutes.
Allow to stand 5 minutes prior to serving.
Can be frozen.


400g Amaizing Gluten free breadmix
150g margarine
125ml cold water

Rub margarine into breadmix until it resembles breadcrumbs.
Do not overmix
Add water to mix until a dough is formed.
Chill in refrigerator for 2-3 hours
Roll out to approx 5mm thick using breadmix as a dusting flour.
Cut out discs and place filling in centre.
Dampen edges and fold over.
Place on greased baking tray.
Bake at 200ºc for 15-20 minutes.

Or -  line a fluted pie tin.Add filling and cover with a sheet of thinly rolled out pastry



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