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It has been our experience that the vast majority of gluten free bread-mixes available through the supermarkets are less than ideal for use by a home bread baker or for use in a bread-machine. In addition there is a lack of accurate directions and little assistance provided to the consumer

At ALL ABOUT BREAD we test each blend in a variety of machines to establish the quantities required for the optimum loaf. Although the water absorption may vary very slightly with the weather, your adherence to the directions is critical for the production of a good loaf.

Be aware that the quantity of water used may vary with the quality of water used. Hence the tests that we conduct using Perth Metropolitan Water supply may require a greater or lesser quantity to achieve the same dough texture when using rain water, bore water or scheme water elsewhere in Australia

Gluten Free mixes are more sensitive to water proportioning than wheat flour doughs.

Your proportioning of water is critical. The mixing process (in a bread machine) also differs considerably from that used for wheat flours.

The mixing and kneading process of the bread-machines is essentially designed for wheat flours. Gluten Free products are far more likely to have the kneading blade push some of the mixture high up the pan where it remains, largely unmixed, until the dough rises.

It is important to keep an eye on the dough during the mixing cycle to ensure the mixture reaches a smooth texture throughout.

As the "kneading" action by the machine is really performing a mixing function with gluten free (rather than kneading to develop gluten) the "rapid" program of most machines is quite suitable for these breads.

The texture of the mixture is the best indication of the consistency of your loaf.

The labels of our Gluten Free products will tell you not only the quantities that are recommended, but also provide you with information on the consistency required to produce the best loaf.

For gluten free mixes the consistency should be batter-like. Add or cut back on water accordingly. Ideally this should be thinner than a cake mixture, but thicker than a pan-cake batter. To have it the consistency of "wet tooth-paste" is a reasonable description.

The proportioning of water with gluten free bread-mix is even more critical when using a machine than when finishing the loaf in your oven.

Note that the water/breadmix proportions for baking in a bread machine and an oven are not the same

When dealing with product that are yeast free as well as gluten free it is important to select the right bread-machine program.

Yeast Free products should be used on the "Yeast Free" cycle if your machine has one or alternately on the "cake" cycle. Amaizing Bread needs this cycles as it is gluten free, dairy free and yeast free.

Should your machine not have those particular cycles it may still be possible, (depending upon which machine) to manually intervene.

When using All About Bread " Maize & Rice" Breadmix (which requires yeast) take particular note of the label directions in as far as the bread-machine cycle to be used, the temperature of the water and the order in which the ingredients should be loaded (regardless of bread machine manufacturers directions)

All About Bread "Maize & Rice" Bread-Mix has a small amount of non-fat milk solids and produces a light fluffy loaf which many people suffering coeliac disease find as a delightful change to the many "cake-like" products that masquerade as gluten free breads.

The batter texture is the determinant of the texture of the bread.

Too much water will make the loaf too light and airy with the possibility of oversize holes in the texture.

Too little water will make the batter too stiff and restrict the rising action of the yeast. This will result in a stunted or "cake-like" texture.

If you require assistance or advice regarding any of our products you are welcome to ring  ALL ABOUT BREAD for assistance.

ALL ABOUT BREAD conduct workshops (at the Greenwood store) for those interested in gluten free mixes. Should you wish to be notified of the dates of the next one you can email or write to ALL ABOUT BREAD and indicate your interest.


Many Gluten Free diets and products are deficient in the dietary fibre levels.

A great product to add dietary Fibre to gluten free bread-mixes is ALL ABOUT BREAD's Amaizing Fibre.

This product is gluten-free and lifts the fibre levels quite markedly. The product is an excellent aid in ensuring dietary fibre levels are sufficiently high to assist in the prevention of bowel cancer.

It is tasteless and doesn't change the texture of the bread. It can also be used with other products and provides the fibre that is missing from many gluten-free diets.

Gluten Free Bread Baking doesn't mean that the breads have to be bland in taste. The following provides some taste variations which are suitable for use with gluten free bread-baking


  1. Add 1 tsp ALL ABOUT BREAD Herb & Garlic Mix
  2. Add - cup mashed pumpkin
  3. Add any seeds, nuts
  4. Add mashed banana
  5. Add dried fruits and a little sugar
  6. Add - cup grated tasty cheese
  7. A pinch salt can be used as a flavour enhancer
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