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Classic Soughdoughs
Classic Soughdoughs Ed Wood
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All About Bread Recipe Book
Elisabeth Stanley
An Australian Bread Book. Recipes, hints & tips for the home baker


Bread Mixes
Wheat breads/rolls/buns

Gluten Free
Gluten free Flour
Gluten free oven baking
Gluten free pasta dishes

Amaizing Bread
Bread, Buns & Rolls
Pancakes, Piklets, Crepes
Pasta, Pastry, Batter

Lupin Flour
Hints and Tips
As flour readily absorbs odors and moisture, care should be taken to ensure flour products are not stored near items such as onions or products with strong odors.
Storage of flours in areas such as the laundry where humidity can be quite high is not recommended.

Flour should be kept cool, dry and well ventilated.

Food grade plastic containers should have the lid left on loosely
Air-tight containers should be avoided. If you are concerned about moth and pest control you will find helpful tips under Storage of Flour that will give you back control of your pantry and save you hundreds of dollars.

Allow flour to breath by means of a loose fitting lid. This will prevent rapid deterioration whilst still providing good protection.
All About Bread have 15kg and 7kg food grade containers available.