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ALL ABOUT BREAD conducted bread making classes for over ten years in their class room at the Greenwood operations, attended by over 40,000 enthusiastic bread makers.

The ALL ABOUT BREAD recipe book contains all the information provided in each of the classes in an easy to follow manner with the recipes, techniques and bakers tricks to make home baking fool proof.

The recipes and techniques shown in the book are those that were taught in the classes and work every time.
Doughs can be kneaded either by hand, by a dough hook or by your bread machine.Tips, tricks and know how is provided together with information on how to avoid/replace various additives found in commercial bread and what programes to use.

This book is designed for the home bread baker.
It assumes you will not have commercial equipment, proving ovens and sophisticated bakery machinery. Instructions are provided for use in domestic oven with baking temperatures given for electric, fan forced electric, gas and gas with fan.

Book Contents

Bread Machines
Electric Mixer & Food Processor
Hand Kneading
Baking in various types of oven
Using Flour
Using Bread Mixes
Yeast and Yeast Testing
Instant Yeast/Fresh Yeast
Bread Improvers
Water temperatures, types, quantities and Measurement
Bread Machine programs
Tools for Bread making
Bread from "scratch"

Basic Breads by machine or hand

Spelt Breads
Basic Rolls
Fancy Rolls
Finger Rolls
Scottish Baps
Bread Sticks
Sandwich Loaves
High Tins
Cheese & Bacon pullaparts
Rye Sirls
Cheese & Bacon Swirls
Basic Cob Loaves
Italian Pasta Dura
Cottage Loaves
Pizza techniques, freezing doughs, trays, stones sizes
Baking temperatures
Sweet Pizza

Sweet Breads

Cinnamon Buns
Coffee Scrolls
Fruit Log
German Kuchen
Jubilee Twist
Apple & Walnut Log
Fruit & Custard Braid
Monkey Bread

Savoury Breads

Spinnach & Ricotta Twist
Picnic Cob
Spinach Crown
Pumpkin Loaf
Garlic Monkey Bread
Savoury Scolls
Picnic RingsFlat BreadsPita
Lebanese Flatbread
Turksh Breads

Specialty Breads

Hot Cross Buns
Chocolate Hot Cross Buns
Pane Al Cioccolato

The All About Bread Recipe Book is available by mail order and contains 94 pages of easy to follow recipes, tips and know how to produce outstanding breads, rolls, buns, pizza, and more.

The price is $19.95 including postage in Australia.
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Bread Mixes
Wheat breads/rolls/buns

Gluten Free
Gluten free Flour
Gluten free oven baking
Gluten free pasta dishes

Amaizing Bread
Bread, Buns & Rolls
Pancakes, Piklets, Crepes
Pasta, Pastry, Batter

Lupin Flour
Spinach Ricotta
Lebanese Flatbread
Sweet Bun
Turkish Breads